Courage in the Face of Evil – Haun’s Mill Massacre

Courage in the Face of Evil – Haun’s Mill Massacre

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Haun's Mill - Pioneer Art

In the tragic event known as Haun’s Mill Massacre on October 30, 1838, two hundred and forty men formed a mob and descended like locusts upon a group of pioneer men, women, and children, shooting indiscriminately all in sight. David Evans, a man of both courage and determination, ran towards the mob as they approached, swinging his hat and suing for peace with no success. Without quarter or mercy, the fully armed mob began their evil work of killing, maiming, and wounding, leaving seventeen men and boys dead or fatally wounded. In addition, fourteen other men, boys, and one woman, were wounded. This bloody barrage lasted well over an hour, and still not satisfied, these malefactors took from both the living and the dead what possessions they thought worthy of exploit and conquest.

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