Makers of Peace

Makers of Peace

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Makers of Peace - Pioneer Art

Jacob Hamblin, Dudley Leavitt, and Ira Hatch

These three Mormon pioneers engaged in many missionary experiences to make peace and form friendships with the several tribes in Southern Utah.

Jacob Hamblin’s eight rules in dealing with the Indians throughout his life:

  1. I never talk anything but the truth to them.
  2. I think it useless to speak of things they cannot comprehend.
  3. I strive by all means to never let them see me in a passion.
  4. Under no circumstances show fear, thereby showing to them that I have a sound heart and a straight tongue.
  5. Never approach them in an austere manner nor use more words than are necessary to convey my ideas, not in a higher tone of voice than to be distinctly heard.
  6. Always listen to them when they wish to tell of their grievances, and redress their wrongs, however trifling they may be if possible. If I cannot I let them know I have a desire to do so.
  7. I never allow them to hear me use profane or obscene language or take any unbecoming course with them.
  8. I never submit to any unjust demands or submit to coercion under any circumstances, thereby showing them that I govern and am governed by the rule of right not by might.

Jacob Hamblin adds, “I believe if the rules that I have mentioned were observed there should be little difficulty on our frontier with the Red Man.” Hamblin treated the Native Americans as intelligent equals. He said, “Some people call the Indians superstitious. I admit the fact, but do not think that they are more so than many who call themselves civilized. There are few people who have not received superstitious traditions from their fathers….

The more intelligent part of the Indians believe in one Great Father of all; also in evil influences, and in revelation and prophecy; and in many of their religious rites and ideas, I think they are quite as consistent as the Christian sects of the day.”

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