Awakened by Angels – Nauvoo Temple, May 1846

Awakened by Angels – Nauvoo Temple, May 1846

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Awakened by Angels - LDS art

“About the last of May, previous to our departure from Nauvoo, I was aroused from my
slumbers one night, hearing such heavenly music as I had never heard before. Everything was so still and quiet when it burst upon my ear that I could not imagine where it came from. I got up and looked out of the window.

The moon shone bright as I looked over at the [Nauvoo] Temple from whence the sound came. There on the roof of the building heavenly bands of music had congregated and were playing most beautifully. The music was exquisite! And we had to leave all this; the Temple, our homes, and the pleasant surroundings and bid farewell. It was to your tents, O Israel.”

-Nancy Naomi Alexander Tracy

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