Hope of the World II

Donations have reached $6,000!  Goal: $45,000

To make a donation, please enter the amount you would like to contribute below or call (801) 803-3415. Thank you in advance for all your support.

Donations of the following amounts (or more) will receive the associated Limited Edition Print upon completion of the project:

$50 – Poster of the Painting (24 x 18)

$225 – Canvas Print Unframed (30 x 15)

$425 – Canvas Wrap (30 x 15)

$500 – Canvas Print Framed (30 x 15)


To create a visual aid that will help teach today’s Native Americans who they are as members of the house of Israel, Michael Bedard is painting A Remnant of the House of Israel – Eighty-Five Native American Chiefs. The beautiful piece will depict 85 Six Nations Chiefs observing their baptismal temple work being done in the Saint George Temple; to complete the project, we are trying to raise $4,500 a month and finish before May of 2018Every little bit makes a difference.


To read more about the Native American Chiefs and the story behind our painting click here.

We will update the progress with the painting on a weekly basis.


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