New Missionary Art Book – Project

     After surveying over 70 returned missionaries and church members, we have decided to begin creating a new art book designed especially for missionaries that will contain paintings by Michael Bedard from each of the lessons outlined in Preach My Gospel. We are planning on making the art book missionary friendly though features such as waterproofness, portability, and durability while retaining the quality of the artwork. Our hope is to create a universal missionary tool that will make the teaching experience for both missionaries and investigators more natural and spirit-driven.

    “It is true intelligence for a man to take a subject that is mysterious and great in itself and to unfold and simplify it so that a child can understand it.”

– President John Taylor

    We believe that art created with light from the Master Artist, our Heavenly Father, can both simplify and expound gospel principles in such a way that even a child can understand, and that is the goal of the missionaries, to “unfold and simplify.”  The art book we are creating to increase the missionaries’ ability to do this will include somewhere between 17 and 25 paintings, most of which will be new paintings done between now and the completion of the project, with relevant text from the scriptures and modern-day prophets.  The new missionary art book’s expected completion date is September of 2018 but could be hastened dependent on the level of funding we are able to achieve.

    To donate to the new Missionary Art Book project in general enter the amount you would like to contribute below. You can also donate to or commission a specific painting for the project by viewing the list of paintings here or calling (801) 803-3415. Thank you in advance for all your support.



Story Behind the Missionary Art Book:

     “There is neither man or woman in this Church who is not on a mission. That mission will last as long as they live, and it is to do good, to promote righteousness, to teach the principles of truth, and to prevail upon themselves and everybody around them to live those principles that they may obtain eternal life.”

– President Brigham Young

     “The Japanese people are some of my favorite people in the world, but in a culture completely different than that of a Christianized country, I have found that the simplest and most engaging way to teach the gospel is through awe-inspiring art and heartfelt service. Both help Heavenly Father’s children feel his love.”

– Abraham Nephi Bedard

     To achieve our dream of creating a missionary art book to help share the light of the gospel with the world, we need your support.  Please donate above or call us at (801) 803-3415. If you would like to be a part of a focus group to evaluate the prototype when it is finished, please email Abe at The focus groups will take place within the first few months of 2018 in Provo, Utah.


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