Hope of the World II (85 Chiefs A REMANANT OF THE HOUSE OF ISRAEL) 1877 Saint George Temple update: March 13,2023

update on the paintings progress!



 There will be to unveiling will be to fold. beginning in Sandy Utah and finishing in Saint George Utah at the Saint George Tabernacle in Saint George Utah.


I am excited to share this current update to everyone. I hope you enjoy it!


I am currently adding Chief Ossahinta  of the Onondaga Nation. born 1758 new Your state  and died January 24,1846.


Update for Nov. 27,2022

As you can see I have added in the background just under the wing of the eagle the eastern sea shore which represents both many native American traditions of where their for fathers originally came from and the Book  of Mormon's testimony of America's earliest natives origins as well.

In addition I have made some progress with adding chiefs and the baptismal font as well.


P.S Dear sisters in Asheville, NC thank you for your complement and encouragement.



  • Barbara Garner

    Dear Michael,
    You have quite a following in NC! You have quite a few devoted fans in the Raleigh area, as well! My husband and I purchased the print of the Founding Fathers in the St George Temple at one of Rod Meldrum’s Book of Mormon Evidences EXPO in 2018 and have been waiting with baited breath to hang the Lamanite print beside it! It is absolutely breath-taking! You are in our thoughts and prayers, Michael, as you bring this thrilling and amazing story of the baptisms of the 85 Indian Chieftains out of obscurity and into the light with your beautiful God-given talent! Respectfully, William and Barbara Garner

  • Cynthia Rush

    Dear Michael: We sisters in Asheville, NC are just THRILLED to see the update of this painting, and can hardly wait to see it finished. Keep up the great work!

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