Michael Bedard "The Realist Figurative Painter" -Dyed-in-wool!"

  The truth was staring me in the face!

From my youth to the present, immersed in creating art sunrise to sunset  no real interest defining my art or self with  a tag, label, or style of painting because I loved everything ,"Art".

   Art is  a love affair that never has an ending if you know what I mean. However I realized it would now perhaps be helpful to sort of cut the pie in half or at least narrow it down a bit.

   And so I started looking at other art that looked like mine. Well it has come down to, "Realest Figurative painter". As much as I love light which made me connect to some of the impressionists like Monet, Vincent vangoh, etc. I also loved the greatest ever figure painter, "William Bouguergeau". 

    Of course the renaissance is to classically beautiful possessing creative truths (roots) of figurative art, to ever let go! Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Raphael, and many others from that time are the other side of the Gold coin of Realism.

     Certainly I must give a due to, Richard schmid. with his book ,"Alla Prima everything I know About Painting." This Book was a break out moment in my life! He is a very great teacher and painter how lucky are we all because of that wonderful book. so the truth is staring me in the face when I look in the the mirror or my own art I am, as it were, a Dyed-in-the -wool-realist figurative painter.

     THE END  for today

P.s. I think perhaps Gustave Courbet and I might be distant relatives in the art world.

Gustave Courbet (1819-77) is usually regarded as the father of European Realism. He even used the term Realism in defining his aims and he championed the Realist cause.

 Gustave Courbet father of realist painting, "The Stone Cutters",  comparing "Some Must Pull and Some Pull" & Brother's keeper  Willie and martin handcart co. 1857. by Michael Bedard. I can see my self in his work and other realist painters.

"The Stone Cutters", by Gustave Courbet

"Some Must Push and Must Pull" by Michael Bedard

"Brother's Keeper", by Michael Bedard


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