New Custom Size Prints
For the art lover!

Michael Bedard Fine Art now provides
“Custom Size Print orders” for his customers.
Art works include any size up to:
44” High x 200“ long or as small as 5” x 7”.

To order custom size Giclee prints please go to
wwwbedardfinearts.com. Find the peace you would like to custom order. Provide : Title, Size and
Media (Canvas or Archival paper) Call
801-803-3415 to place that custom order.
It is that simple.

To order standard size prints please order on our website. Any questions or comments we would love to hear from you. via email. michael@bedardfinearts.com Thank you

Bedard Fine Art Gallery’s Giclee
Pigmented Ink Press 2023
Epson P9570 wide format printer

Quality Giclee Prints

GICLEE (jhee-clay) Pigmented ink printed  on
Canvas, is a pigment based This pigment
Incorporated into the ink, creates a life span for the print of several generations. Giclee Prints are light fast for over 200 years . Fine Art  images are  printed onto canvas or paper by
Special printer using archival quality inks and canvas or paper. The finished print is sprayed with a
Protective coating Twice and mounted on archival board or stretched on a rigid frame. Other advantages of Giclees are that they cost much less than the
Original works of art and can be reproduced to
almost any size. Bedard Fine Art Gallery Does its own
Proofing and printing This insures Quality control  of these fine art prints by the Artist Michael Bedard.

The next best thing to owning an original!
All products are shipped, tracked, and insured

Size Matters
How to choose the proper size for your needs in your home or business? Fine art prints can be small for an intimate close up experience, such as in a small room, on a disk or night stand in a bedroom. For medium size you may choose a medium size to be used, to
Decorate in a living room, larger office space etc.
Of course every one should have at least one large
Painting. Why? Because it has impact, power and beauty on display! Its like seeing the sun rising up in the morning in all its glory. It starts your engine! It also says what is very profound or important in your life.

Below is a chart to help you in your size
Considerations for size of the art to display in
Your living and work spaces or to purchase for friends and family.

Canvas $ 32.00 59.00 128.00 189.00 279.00 479.00
Paper $ 16.00 28.00 64.00 95.00 140.00 239.00
Pricing formula LxWx.4 canvas or paper.2= price @
Pricing formula limited Ed.LxWx.5 canvas or paper.2.5= price @







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