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Michael Bedard is a realist figurative painter. At Bedard Fine Art we are passionate about creating art to inspire others and make the world a brighter place. After countless hours of research and preparation, we work to recreate significant historical events and capture timeless beauty. Our hope is to impact the lives of others one masterpiece at a time. This begins as we seek out the good in the world and gain inspiration and guidance in the various paths of life. From there, we not only take on the role of the master artist but that of a humble student as we work with our chosen mediums and strive for excellence. Though creating a masterpiece is no simple task, we believe the only way to shed light in the lives of others and help them find their path to the “good life” is to do just that, create a work of art that is so profound as to inspire the wise and simple enough to encourage the everyday hero.

Michael Bedard – The Artist, CEO

Michael Bedard Our Team

Michael Bedard has created countless pieces of fine art, built three art studios, and raised a family of seven kids. He is a man who is confident in his abilities and always looking to improve them. He worked several jobs and served in the national guard while obtaining his BFA at Brigham Young University and MFA at Washington State University, all while raising a growing family. Michael is now living in Nauvoo, Illinois, with his wife and youngest son, establishing another gallery there. He has come a long way, developing his art over the years and through life’s challenges. The simple desire to create something greater popped into existence when a little Michael saw a mural made of tiny tiles at the public pool one summer. The flippant thought came to him, “I can do that!” This little boy looked at a simple piece of art and grew to create masterpieces that shape and are shaped by the world around him. With support from his young single mother, encouragement from schoolteachers eager to get the rebel to do something productive, and later many more people, the young man began to doodle, grow, draw, and paint. From that point he began his mission to change himself and the world. “When you create great art that literally frees people, it lifts them up and gives them wings.”

Abraham Bedard – Marketing Director

Abraham Bedard square 300x300 Our Team

Abraham has been in the marketing world for over six years and has grown a passion for helping young companies develop an entrepreneurial mindset to differentiate themselves in their market. His love for the arts originates in photography and graphic design but has extended into competitive ballroom dance since attending Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah where he continues to study marketing and business management.

Elisabeth Bedard – Chief Editor

Elisabeth Bedard 300x300 Our Team

Elisabeth’s love of art has always centered on stories. Over the years, her passion has expanded from writing novels to editing currently published research papers. She is now studying editing, Spanish, and English at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, to increase her ability to help a wider variety of people improve their quality of works and life as she enjoys the nature around her that acts as an inspiration of strength and beauty.

John Bedard – Social Media Specialist

John Bedard 300x300 Our Team

Fifteen-year-old John Bedard is the youngest member of the team and uses that to his advantage in making content and social media relevant to both the older and rising generations. He sings, acts, and dances in an elite performing group with which he has traveled the country, meeting all kinds of people. John’s greatest attribute is his ability to learn from and connect with anyone he interacts with, making him a specialist in communication.