House on Fire - Original
House on Fire - Original
House on Fire - Original

House on Fire - Original

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Title: House on Fire - Original

Medium: Oil on Panel, completed in 2015, Size: 18 x 24

Artist Michael Bedard


The spirit of the Ancients is etched over time of several thousand years on house on fire granary. made of cedar mesa sandstone. The overhang that forms the ceiling. Provide solitude  and yet many echos of a village people, children, husbands, wives, brothers and sisters, friends and lovers met and exchanged dreams. Hope mingled on this cliff with their corn stored and other unknown  valuables. At least this is what I imagined  with each brush stroke of bright color of paint to the final touch of this south west master peace.,"House of Fire Granary".

These ruins are the remains of buildings constructed by the Ancient Pueblo peoples. It is located on the trail of the south fork of Mule canyon. This of course is in Four Corners area, which comprises southern Utah, northeastern Arizona, northern New Mexico, and southwestern Colorado.    

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